Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fall out Test 2

So, I animated the girl actually opening the wardrobe and I played about with the gravity a bit, and the scene has vastly improved. What I will say is that I still need to have a little tinken with the gravity, and on top of that I still need to put a door in the scene, perhaps a bedside cabinet and lamp, just so that the scene looks adequately full and believable. Its the little details that really bring a shot together. Now that the main bulk is mastered I can really think about how to make the rest of the imagery, but first I will add those finishing touches to the animation.

Wardrobe Clothes Test

For one part of my animation the character is going to open a wardrobe and clothes are going to fall out, showing that she has too many clothes. This is just a demo animation to see what the scene looks like as the clothes fall out of the wardrobe. The clothes in fact fall far too fast and I need to play about with the gravity and directional settings in Maya to perfect this.

Also, I placed an invisible obstacle in the scene so that the clothes don't travel too far. This was unsuccessful as it is obvious that the clothes touch and are restricted by something that the viewer can not see. To get around this, if I can manage to sort out the fall speed rate of the clothes I can cut to the next image without the need for the viewer to see that the clothes would have kept moving had I not.

The final of this sequence will see the girl fully open the wardrobe and the clothes fall out. This test was purely to see how the fabric moves and falls, and to see what amendments I need to make.

Revised Walk Test (Mental Ray)

I basically had to re-animate the entire walkcycle because I wasn't happy with it and couldn't quite spot where it was defective. this didn't take long thankfully. I purposefully stylised the character without feet so that I didn't have to animate them given my time constrains, plus they can so easily make an animation look disingenuous. I'm very pleased with this walk cycle and the render looks awesome. Just need to whack in the road and a bit sky, maybe some fellow shoppers depending on what feedback I get from tutors and peers.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Initial Walk Test

This is my first attempt at a walk cycle for this project. I had been very pleased with the walk as it looked on the spot. Walking against the background however I am now displeased with what I have achieved so far. I know I have to go back and amend the pace of the walk, as the character seems to move faster than the background. The real version will be rendered in Mental Ray, not Maya Software, this was just to test the walk. The glass will have reflections and the overall complexion will be alot better.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Blink Test

Just testing how the eyes blink, I'm pleased with them. Still have the various mouth shapes to do yet though.......

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Concept Art

This Piece is for EXD300, mister big bad final 'heart attack' major! Its a piece of conceptial art to try and get a feel of what i want my composition to look like. to be honest this piece is FAR too close to the building, and I really should make a piece that is much further back. I do plan on designing plants myself as well as the architecture, so this is a half bake due to the fact we have mock Vivas and I needes something to show!! I do intent the trees to be bamboo-esque however, so not too far from their intended stare.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Environment Test

So this is my character in an environment. I spent quite a bit of time trying to make the background and the character look like they're part of the same world, again avoiding an obviously 3d look, except for the glass.

Character Colour Preview

I'v been trying to make something that looks cartoon like in Maya by playing around with settings and trying different techniques. This is for the applied animation bried. I wanted to avoid something that looked obviously 3D.