Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wardrobe Clothes Test

For one part of my animation the character is going to open a wardrobe and clothes are going to fall out, showing that she has too many clothes. This is just a demo animation to see what the scene looks like as the clothes fall out of the wardrobe. The clothes in fact fall far too fast and I need to play about with the gravity and directional settings in Maya to perfect this.

Also, I placed an invisible obstacle in the scene so that the clothes don't travel too far. This was unsuccessful as it is obvious that the clothes touch and are restricted by something that the viewer can not see. To get around this, if I can manage to sort out the fall speed rate of the clothes I can cut to the next image without the need for the viewer to see that the clothes would have kept moving had I not.

The final of this sequence will see the girl fully open the wardrobe and the clothes fall out. This test was purely to see how the fabric moves and falls, and to see what amendments I need to make.

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