Friday, 12 March 2010

7+ Nearly there!!

This is the closest I have been to finishing this sequence.

At the moment I have noticed I need to add a handle to the door first seen as she walks in the room. The handles of the bags look ungenuine and too far apart in her 'hands'. I am really dissatisfied with the characters face so I am going to re-design the animation for that before I produce a final render, but other that that I am pretty much pleased with the animation. I will be speeding it up about 25% and may edit out some of the beginning as it is a little bit too long and too slow. the clothes falling out of the wardrobe especially needs speeding up. there is a small section where her jacket pops through itself, clipping obviously.

Once the facial animation is finalized I will be making the walk cycle more interesting by tweaking parts, perhaps introducing a head turn and making the movement in general look less generic/repeated.

Also, I dont like that she stops before opening the doors. I'll be amending that.

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