Thursday, 18 March 2010

Shot 5 Render Test 1

So this is my first render on this clip with face projections, and in this clip I have only actually animated the face of the shopkeeper, as this is the character who's face you see the most as the main character has her back to the camera for the most part.

The shopkeeper's eyes move down to look at the bag and her face makes an 'oooh' shape of curiosity and interest. As our main character moves away the shop keeper raises her head and smiles in such a warm, surprised and happy way, with a little blink to follow.

One thing I don't like about this render is how, when the main character walks past the shop keeper, once passed the shop keeper's face is back to a non-smiling status. I feel it would be better if the main character passed fully before the shop keepers face returned to a less smiley state. This is because it makes the smile seem disingenuous if the shop keeper isn't smiling once the main character has passed. at the moment it looks like the type of fake smile someone gives you where they are smiling when they look at you but forget that you can see them stop smiling when they aren't looking at you.

for the main character the only animation I really want to add is a very subtle closed mouth smile. I could do with adding better blinks to both animations.

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