Friday, 19 March 2010

Shot 6 Test 1

Shot six is a view ourside the shop with the Oxfam logo in clear view. I purposefully am making the shot very busy to contrast the rest of the animation. This is the sequence with the most characters and animation. A lot of time was spent making the shop look as far from the dingy stereotype of a charity shop as possible and so I also wanted it to be well shopped in.

I animated the characters from previous sequences individually over 150 frames (6 seconds) to make the scene as genuin as possible. These two characters which I play-blasted interact with eachother as one holds a dress up against herself and the other 'comments' with gestures.

The final shot is meant to just be brief but with enough animation and stuff happening to make you feel content with a fade to the oxfam logo. the green splodge above the door is the Oxfam logo as a shop sign. Overall I am very pleased with all parts of this animation and am ready to render. I didn't have to worry about this walk as it is the same walk as in the first shot just copied and pasted with the shopping bags removed.

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