Friday, 5 March 2010

Colour Mouth Test (animated)

So this is STILL NOT THE FINAL ANIMATION. It is still a test just to see how the mouth looks on the face.

The movement of the jaw really adds to the animation. I was always planning on adding it to my animation, it was but the whole process is doing little by little to get the best results. The colour working animated mouth looks really nice, i'm pleased with it. It has a few more colours due to having been made in photoshop using shadows etc, but it doesn't look unsuitable in the style.

Now I just need to finish animating the rest of the face and adding little details that will really bring her to life, now that I am pleased with the mouth.

1 comment:

  1. Looks good for a test! The hand-drawn melds with the CG head really nicely once its been coloured.
    The only thing i'd say is that the tongue could be a bit more 'pink' and maybe a bit more flesh coloured in the back of the mouth itself . . . i dunno, it's just a thought because its quite difficult to see the tongue at the moment.
    Other than that, nice job!!!