Monday, 15 March 2010

Shot 3 Test

Originally the third shot was going to be as though we were looking through the eyes of the girl into the wardrobe. I decided this was an unnecessary shot and would break up the flow of the animation too much, plus we've already seen that the wardrobe is jam packed with clothes from the previous shot.

This shot 3, formerly shot 4, is a view from inside the wardrobe, looking out at the character's facial expression, a reaction to what has just happened.

In this test the arms of the character move far too slowly on the way down by her sides, and her head too moves too slowly down, it should be a more sharp reaction to what has happened. At the moment the head has a rather sharp movement back to its original position, which makes the hair look very noticeably rigid, which I can't do anything about particularly, as it is indeed rigid. However, think a slow head movement back up again could look quite effective instead of a sharp one. I will try this out in a second test of this scene.

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