Monday, 15 March 2010

Shot 3 Test 2

This version of this shot is much better, I think the animation works very well now. I am concerned about the perspective now though. This view from the inside of the wardrobe makes the wardrobe itself look huge as you can see how far out the doors are are the character looks tiny by comparison, where as in a regular shot she isn't drastically dwarfed by it. I don't think there is a lot I can really do about this. I want to keep the camera level with the characters head because if I put the camera below it will look odd to the view, and If I put the camera above it will exacerbate the dwarfing situation.

To ensure that the character is in view and can be seen properly I made an additional light close to her. This has provided another obstacle however, as when she leans forward to look down you can see that her shadow in the background is huge because the light is so close to her. It is only obvious because of the way shadows are cast on the handles of the chest of drawers. I imagine I can select them individually and tell them not to receive shadows. Fingers Crossed.

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