Thursday, 18 March 2010

Shot 5 Test 2

Having amended the body turn and slightly adjusted the timing of the arms moving to her sides I am pleased with the improvements.

The walk is much slower than the turn, but I plan on speeding this part up in the editing process. not because its difficult to do in Maya, but because all of the walk is done on strips of 50 frames and if I condense it I wont be able to edit any adjustments I need very easily. I like to know that the moving parts are back to the same frame every 50 seconds, and I have a reasonable idea of where stuff lands, key-frame-wise, in between.

The turn I added to her back as she turns too walk is a nice touch though is a little sharp in this play-blast. Perhaps a turn in the head too would add to the overall walk. She does now transfer her weight in a much more believable way that she did in the initial play-blast. At some points when she is walking her arms 'twang' to a very stiff position. this looks awful and I have to make the movement as realistic and authentic as possible.

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