Thursday, 18 March 2010

Shot 5 Test 1

Shot 5 is about the girl giving the bags of shopping to a shop assistant. Its supposed to look like she has returned what she bought earlier because she demonstrated earlier that she had too many clothes. What has actually happened is she has donated clothes to a charity shop, which becomes apparent when the camera sweeps out through the window to show her standing outside of Oxfam. The camera will zoom in on the shop sign to close the animation.

This test play-blast only really shows the tiniest part of the whole section but I want to keep checking it in stages as it progresses. To start off with I am focusing on the animation of just the main character. The girl very smoothly pushes the bags towards the shop keeper before waving briefly and then turning and walking away. The turn is far too fast but the walk is nice and fluid, though I might speed that up a bit. Where I could improve the animation is to make the character more convincingly transfer weight. Her torso should turn as she moves and then straighten up again as she has reached the destination direction. Her arms need better animating when she gets to the walking part of the sequence and the pull back movement of putting them by her side is far too quick and rigid looking.

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