Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Walk the Walk

This Is the first amendment I made to my walkcycle, I appologise that is is so short but what you can see is that the animation is very smooth and unrealistic.

Iv spent some time working on the kinks of this walkcycle however.

I added some more noticeable movement to the shoulders for a more realistic swing.

I also amended the timing of the walk and made the time it takes each leg to reach the next position have a less even timing, slower to get most the way there, faster on the foot down etc.

I also amended some of the rotation of the torso. Originally it turned from the hips which caused the shoulders to make too dramatic a movement because they were so far away from the joint that was rotating. So I moved the rotating joint a few places up the spine and now the shoulders have a more natural ratation with the back.

Now, the swing of the arms/shopping bags move parallel to the legs but they actually move a few frames behind so that as the leg is moving in the opposite direction the arms are still moving in the initial direction before dolliwing. This causes a nice lag and adds a bit of weight to the content of the bags.

The character does have a glitch in her neck in this playblast.

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