Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Shot 4 Test 3 and Render Preview

Baring in mind that I am going to speed up and slow down different parts to get the best out of this video as a whole, I am now extremely pleased with the flow of the movement right now. Even though some parts will be faster, it was essential to ensure that the footage worked well to begin with, not adjusting the speed to cover up problems.

Now, I have smoothed out all of the jerky movements, the character nicely turns after a reasonable lean forward and pause to look at the goods in the window. granted this is only a short clip, but every part has to have good composition and move well regardless.

For this Render preview makes me feel much more confident about my animation, now that I can see the face looking exactly as I imagined it and projected onto the model instead of animated flat as a file. I also edited the footage speed times so that it moves the way I intend it to in the final edit. It looks just how I wanted it too and I am now confident to go ahead with the final render, putting in the sky etc. and all the things that will really make the scene.

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